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Welcome To Rinnie's Webpage!


     Welcome to the insanity that is my web page. It isn't much right now, but one day I hope to fill it up with all kinds of goodies!

The fanfiction section here is password protected and ONLY SITE MEMBERS will be given access, so if you wish to read my fanfiction here, please scroll down for info on how to become a member. However, you can also read all the stories posted here at AO3 if you don't want to deal with membership and passwords: Rinnie's Fics at AO3.

For those interested in additional material and a place for discussion, there is a Mori_101 livejournal community HERE.



Sign Up For Fanfiction Access

     I require all site members to be of legal age to read fiction that contains mature content (up to NC-17). If you are under eighteen years of age, GO AWAY! By signing up for this site, you are effectively declaring that you are age 18 or over. If I find out otherwise, you will be removed as a member until you can provide me with proof that you are of age.  ONLY SITE MEMBERS are given access to the fanfiction pages, so if you don't sign up, you can't view them.  

     **ATTENTION EVERYONE!** After you sign up, you will probably get a generic e-mail confirming membership, blah blah blah, but the IMPORTANT e-mail will be one with the subject line "Username/Password For Accessing Fanfiction Page". That e-mail will be sent within 24 hours of you first signing up and will contain the info you need to log into the fanfiction page. You cannot log in with your own name/password. It has to be the one that I send to you. Check your spam folder if you don't hear back from me after 24 hours.






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